One Place Where Delicious Is Healthy Too

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What Makes It Awesome?

Sandoitchi in Japanese means Sandwich and so they are the Doitchi guys. The cafe is beautiful the interiors and the seating arrangement is really good. The best part is they serve vegan and Jain options which is quite a task to find one.

They bake their own bread and it's so fluffy and delicious. The Doitchis are delectable some recommended Doitchis are.

-Paneer Melt - The amazing cumin-spiked bun is loaded with Pesto grilled paneer tikka topped with butter masala curry served with peanuts and salad.
-Zucchini pepper - oven roasted squash, bell peppers tossed in chilli flakes and cheese served between multigrain bread.
-Dagwood Club - Sourdough loaded with homemade cilantro mayonnaise, layered with lettuce, cheese, red onion and a lot. Hugely recommended.

They have amazing smoothies too
-Betting orange - This looks beautiful and tastes delectable it has spinach but u didn't get even a hint of Spinach in it.

Salads are fun if you have this salad on the menu.
-Mumbai Style Three Bean - It's spicy Mumbai style salad with corn, potato and sour cream. This one is really good.

If you are an Espresso fan then you must definitely try there.
-Affogato - Its hottie espresso cooled down with a vanilla ice-cream and it's love.

They have amazing thin crust square pizzas
-Bulb and shrooms - Hugely recommended.

I am a Superbowl person and they have really healthy and tasty super bowls.
-Teppanyaki Noodle - I could say these were the best noodles I had after a really long time.

These guys have a section called the bottomless beverages on the menu i.e refill as many times as you want.They have four options in this Khatta Masala, Blueberry Lemonade, Kacchi Kairi and watermelon ice tea. I really liked the Kacchi Kairi.

Talking about the desserts. I had the best desserts here so innovative and delectable desserts.
-Matcha Tiramisu - It's is served beautifully inside a cone. The taste is amazing.
-Pizzokie - It tastes as beautiful as it is named. The cookie is so delectable. Hugely recommended.
-Parfait - it's impossible to have it completely get a partner to have it the berry compote beautifully compliments the hung curd.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Family.

Just a happy foodie soul💞 🐕 lover