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    Food Homes: Palatable Food, from our home to yours!

    There are thousands of housewives, those who want to own a food delivery outlet in a country like India, where food is not something you just eat for survival, it is a celebration in all its glory. However, the high rentals in Mumbai especially refrain most such dreamers from doing so! So, Mrs. Sakshi Bhojania, thought: why not start a cloud kitchen from home? The operation costs will drastically reduce because of an already existing kitchen, and NO RENT to pay! There came the idea of Food Homes, turning dreams into reality in Mumbai and that too rent-free! This is allowing Food homes to deliver high-quality gourmet foods at everyday prices.

    Food Homes is a pure vegetarian cloud kitchen operational from a home set up. However, quality and professionalism are nothing less than a fine-dine restaurant. The team comprises of head chefs and sous chefs, who have honed their skills at 5-star hotels & restaurants pan India. The first outlet started from the founder's home in Juhu, coming with a guarantee that there could be no slack when it comes to hygiene (which is extremely important in today’s date and age) and quality, everything is supervised to perfection by the owner directly within the scope of her residence.

    Like every homegrown business has a purpose, a mantra to keep the team going, how could Food Homes be any different? This passion fuelled the brand's tagline: BIG LOVE X BIG TASTE reflects the simple rule of cooking in India. We all go to the best of restaurants and food joints in search of good food. But many-a-times, we are disappointed with mediocre taste even in the poshest 5-star restaurants with hefty price tags. Are you wondering why that happens? Because, often in large-sized kitchens, the chefs & the kitchen team get into a monotonous, repetitive cycle of working in an almost robotic manner, unknowingly skipping the main ingredient of the food: LOVE. The founder has always strongly believed that as per our good 'ol Indian wisdom, anything made with Big Love translates into Big Taste. This very thought is the mantra that the passionate team strives to emulate at Food Homes.

    Now let's dive into the cuisine, shall we? The founder, being well-traveled, really wanted to bring something unique when it comes to the cuisine of Food Homes! Presenting: WORLD STREET FOOD with a TWIST! The carefully curated menu comprises of delicacies that have influences from across the world.

    From Italian Pizza and Pizza Sandwiches to Pizza Turnovers, from Fluffy Manitous of China to Slider Bombs of the USA. The menu literally takes you to a trip across the globe, by onboarding a special flight of Modern Indian Fusion. The personal favourite though has been the Bagel-o-Makhani and the Sour Cream Jalapeno Jacket potato paired a chilled glass of some delightful wine… & of course the desserts. There your weekend is made! Australia’s Lamington is the next best thing from the land down under, however, the Mantao and Slider Bomb Desserts are not lagging too far behind. Care for a drink to uplift your dining experience. Well, who does not? Enjoy our sinful mocktails the menu has to offer!! These drinks are going to be your best buds, be it beating Monday blues and the Bombay heat!!

    The innovation doesn't stop with the food. The founders craved to provide their customers with a carefully curated experience, no less than that of a fine-dine restaurant even if it was at their own respective homes. The packaging is painstakingly designed ensuring a rich design aesthetic backed by efficient functionality. The highlight of the packaging has to be the Food Box opening up into a collapsible plate to deliver a dining experience backed by comfort & convenience. The Pizza Box is an octagon-shaped box with fun pizza quotes printed on the sides with two X&0 crosses helping you to decide who gets the biggest slice & who rightfully wins the last slice! The meals come with a handy cutlery kit to enjoy your meal on the go, without any hassle!! There is also a tiny little surprise that accompanies every meal, which is going to make your feast even more special: A Food Homes Postcard, because who does not love cute postcards, right?

    Be it a cozy house party or a Netflix marathon of your favorite show with friends, romantic in-home dates in your favorite corner, or hunger pangs of your kids demanding for a special meal to appear in a jiffy, Food Homes is your go-to buddy amongst all situations.

    What is not to love about Food Homes, right? But wait, there is more!! Indian women from all segments of society have invested a lot of time and selfless effort towards their families, priceless contributions that no one will ever be able to repay. Food Homes is trying to do just that with all the force and power in their artillery, thereby fulfilling a Social responsibility that most companies merely tick off in the name of compliance. Food Homes’ passion is not only towards building a success story for the business, but also towards expanding the brand by empowering fellow women to take control of their space and utilize the resources at their disposal, to finally achieve their lifelong dream of becoming independent and successful entrepreneurs, rent-free!