Self Love 101: Take Up That Skill You’ve Been Waiting To Try With Skillshare

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times have you thought of picking up a new hobby but then brushed it away because you had no time or resources? Or maybe you just didn’t know where to start. Here’s finally an online service for you to achieve all that you want (and a little bit more).

Skillshare is an excellent platform for you to watch, learn, experiment, create and discover new passions and hone existing skills. Want to know why everyone is gung-ho about stocks? Want to learn how to paint and make insane graphics? Perhaps writing is something you want to go back to, or photography is something you always dreamt of but never did. Well, here’s a chance to try it all. 

Pick up a new skill, anything varying from designing, lifestyle, arts and crafts, photography, film-making, writing, business, technology, animation, product management, culinary expertise, new languages, health and wellness and much much more from Skillshare. They have classes suitable to your routine and given by industry experts from all over the world. 

Get a free trial of 14 days and then pay only 2 Dollars (INR 152) per month, billed for a year. You can also download the classes and listen to them offline! Spark your creativity at home with Skillshare.


We recommend you also check out their workshops on fun topics like food photography, film-making on an iPhone, watercolour art, creative writing and more: the options are endless.


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