Dudh, Bread Aur Anda: Online Grocery Services To Bookmark For Home Delivery


    With the extended lockdown, while things get safer, they also get difficult when it comes to getting your daily essentials a.k.a the groceries. And we've found some online grocery services that help you stock up on your needs. Bookmark this list, 'coz it's got you covered! 

    Supr Daily

    These guys promise to deliver groceries and milk at your doorstep as early as 7 AM, every single day. Not bad? In this time of quarantine, we could all use little help! They're operational in Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Order tonight and you'll have it delivered by tomorrow. You can call for coconut water, fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, egg etc. And the best part? No Minimum order. Be it two fruits or a loaf of bread - they'll get it delivered. 

    Pro-Tip: They have a Supr Access option on their app/website through which you get unlimited access to groceries for as long as you want, without having to pay extra for the packaging, or that INR 20 for one-time orders. 



    Available Online

    StarQuik is an online grocery store that prides itself on stocking over 10,000 grocery and household products that can be delivered home in an express 3 hours. And for all of you looking to save on your monthly expenses, they sell below MRP.

    Pro-Tip: It's not just about groceries at StarQuik. You'll also get pet care essentials, kitchen appliances, disposables, fabric care, fresheners, hoe utilities, and much more. 


    Fresh To Home

    Available Online

    This one's a reliable option for meat lovers. From fish and seafood to marinated meat - they've got stock for everything. Also, they claim that their produces are sourced directly from the farmers and the fishermen, so be assured it's all organic and fresh. They've even got a few ready-to-eat dishes if you're lazy to cook it all by yourself. 

    Pro-Tip: They've got a variety of deals every day on fish, meat and eggs, that you wouldn't want to miss out on. 


    D Mart

    Available Online

    Supermarket giant, D-Mart also offers online delivery services that deliver to your doorstep. Known for their competitive pricing, this supermarket chain promises daily savings across categories and has its own in-house brand as well at affordable rates. You'll need to order minimum INR 1,000 to avail of home delivery and they levy a delivery charge on all orders.

    Pro-Tip: Again, this one too has a lot of deals and discounts you mustn't miss out on

    Amazon Fresh

    Amazon Pantry

    Available Online

    It's hard to compile a list of online services without adding Amazon to the mix. This service is super-convenient, especially if you already have an existing Amazon account. They've got a wide selection of fresh fruits, veggies, and daily needs all in one place.

    Pro-Tip: They also have a 'Local Market' section on their site that sells zero-dairy desserts, probiotic drinks and more. 

    Big Basket

    Big Basket

    Available Online

    If you run an urban household or live by yourself, chances are that you have used Big Basket at least once. This online retailer is known for its well-stocked virtual pantry where you can stock up on everything from veggies to fish and meat and even home cleaning supplies, beauty and babycare.

    Pro-Tip: They're selling baking essentials as well. Also, you'll find a lot of gourmet ingredients 



    Available Online

    Grofer's is an online delivery service that prides itself on offering competitive prices that will have your neighbourhood supermarket beat. We like that the site is easy to navigate and you can choose exactly which category you want to shop from with a single scroll.

    Zomato Market

    Zomato recently launched Zomato Market to deliver groceries and home essentials to everyone's doorsteps. They've listed a range of groceries near your home from where you can order stuff. 

    Pro-Tip: For the time being, they've paused the Cash On Delivery option and only accepting only online payments.

    Big Bazaar

    Along with the other multiple food giants, Big Bazaar too has stepped in to offer doorstep delivery of groceries and other essentials. Based on the area you're residing in, pick the nearest operating Big Bazaar, contact them via the helpline number provided, mention all the groceries you require and your address. And soon, they'll get it delivered.

    Pro-Tip: You can also locate the nearest operating Big Bazaar with their website link.

    Swiggy Genie

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Swiggy has launched ''Swiggy Genie' a pick-up and drop service that's all about helping you fulfil all those little tedious tasks that take up so much of your day. You can use the Swiggy App under their 'Grocery' section to pick up groceries from local stores and have it delivered to your doorstep without you having to step outside.

    Pro-Tip: Besides groceries, you can also use the app to pick up and deliver parcels to people nearby. They'll be using their existing fleet of delivery partners and a system of hyperlocal delivery to service neighbourhoods.

    Read more here.

    Box8 Grocery Delivery


    Available Online

    Another popular food app that is popular for their meal boxes too has started delivering groceries. When on their app, just tap Insta Fresh category which will give you all the groceries and daily essentials they're offering. From whole wheat bread to fresh vegetables and from instant noodles to meat even - they've got it all.

    Pro-Tip: They've also got 'masala veggie basket' where you get a ready pack of chills, ginger, garlic and lemon. 



    Available Online

    This one delivers farm-fresh veggies, fruits, and dairy products in all of Andheri West and Powai. You can place orders via WhatsApp and tracking it is pretty easy from their site as well. 

    Pro-Tip: They also have a Rupees 30 Store, where everything is for INR 30 only. So check that section out, coz saving money is key right now. 


    This online clothing brand has been generous enough to recently launch an 'Essential Services' category on their website. They're selling fresh veggies and fruits in singles and in combo packs at affordable rates. There are essential fruit baskets, regular veggies basket, a masala basket, and even a Jain veggies basket. 

    Pro-Tip: You can also check out their clothing section, and maybe add your favourites to the cart and keep. 

    Yo Deli


    Available Online

    Miss those salads with exotic dressing or the classic avocado on toast? Well, your problems are about to end. We've found an online grocery called Yo Deli which is delivering our favourite veggies, artisanal bread, healthy smoothies, celery juice, vegan cake and a lot more.

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    Owing to a surge in demand these online services might or might not deliver to your locality.