Simple, Wholesome, Effective: Have Y'all Tried Akshi's Skincare Range?

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Akshi Oil

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What Makes It Awesome

Small companies have our hearts! Akshi Oils is one such company. With pure cold-pressed oils, nourishing ingredients that are responsibly sourced and eco-friendly, recycled packaging, Akshi Oils ticks all the boxes.

The thing that truly had us sold is the fact that they employ underprivileged women, train them to create these quality products, and make sure they're taken care of. You can be sure that you're not gonna find any harsh ingredients, and that all the products are gentle, natural and chemical-free!

The products that we're dying to try are the Rice Milk Soap, the cold-pressed Castor Oil, and many, many specialised oils like an Onion Hair Oil for hair growth. They also have organics ittars in fun scents like Bubblegum, an eyelash serum, and organic lip balms! The products are all fairly affordable, too. Now that's a brand you want to support!

Price: INR 120 and up


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