Fish Kobiraji, Mishti Pulao & Chicken Kosha: Order From This Bengali Joint ASAP

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What Makes It Awesome

I'm always looking at Zomato like a hawk to find new Bengali delivery joints in my vicinity. Probably that's what happens when you're a homesick bong, who's stuck in this lockdown in Mumbai, without her mother around to whip up some maachher jhol bhaat for dinner. So one day, while scrolling on the app, I stumbled upon Dhekur in Andheri. And I couldn't help but tap on it because the word is SO Bengali it's not even funny. Dhekur means to burp after a heavenly meal, in my language. And without wasting more time on its meaning, let me tell you about what made me Dhekur's fan. 

Needless to say that I over-ordered. My roommate and I started our meal with some authentic Bengali snacks like a Vegetable chop, that's usually made of mashed beetroot, some more mashed veggies, and some groundnuts. Theirs was really good. For INR 80, we got two well stuffed and big chops. Next up was some Fish Fingers, that came with my favorite Kashundi. The latter is basically the best mustard sauce that you'll ever have in your life. It gives you the right hit on your nose while you're dipping your Fish and taking the first bite. The showstopper of all starters was the Fish Kobiraji. The last time I had it was at a Bengali wedding I attended as a kid. It actually is more of a wedding snack. A big piece of fish cutlet, topped with ALOT of deep-fried eggs. That's pure magic on your plate. 

For mains, we did three staple Bengali combinations. There was some plain white rice with Shukto; some Mishti Pulao tossed in kesar with sweetish Mutter Paneer; and some Laccha paratha with Chicken Kosha. And this is exactly why we Bengalis keep our Pudin Hara and Gelusil handy. If you're a beginner when it comes to scoring Bengali food, you've got to try these three combinations for your meals without fail. 

Let's just say that we were happy with whatever came our way because each food item tasted heavenly, was cooked in less oil (except the Chicken Kosha because that's supposed to be oily AF) and the packaging was extremely hygienic. So, if you're living in Andheri West, and are broke like us, call in for some delectable bong food from Dhekur, guys. And thank me later for this recommendation. 


They've got some payesh (kheer) for desserts too, in case you want to satiate your sweet tooth. Also, they strictly follow WHO advisories while preparing your food, packaging it, and also while delivering. 


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