Head Over Heels: This Brand Does Luxury Shoes Right

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What Makes It Awesome

Fine detailing, soothing hues and handcrafted with love - House Of Prisca is a Mumbai based luxury fashion label specialising in chic and elegant shoes. The brand was kickstarted in 2019 by Mansi Sharma Kachhara, a textile & print designer and a person who's obsessed with footwear since her childhood.

Browse through their range of shoes and you'll be awestruck with their timeless collection and innovative designs curated for every type of occasion and taste. We know we were!

Now, let's dive straight into their collection. These guys are clearly focused on quality over quantity. Which means they've got a limited collection on display - but each and every product is unique, an epitome of luxury and class. Expect a lot of pastels, muted hues and strappy heels. With a price range starting at INR 1,800 and upwards, yes this brand is slightly on a higher-end, but these are clearly the shoes you need to invest in!


While they are accepting pre-orders right now, the shipment will commence only post the lockdown.


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