Mumbai Peeps! We've Found Amazing Dips For Your Chips (Or Khakra)

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What Makes It Awesome

They're our saviour for late-night hunger pangs or binge-watching sessions. Veggies, pita bread or humble khakra - they all love this. Lastly, it's so damn convenient and you know, not messy!

Yep, as you might have guessed it, we're talking about dips and spreads. It's never a bad idea to stock up containers of this creamy and cheesy goodness in one's pantry. And if you're a full-time snacker like me (haha!), you'd know chips and dips are the all-time best combo. It's yum, filling and can be munched on endlessly. If you think I'm exaggerating my love for dips, Tripti Nagpal - founder of Let's Get Dip'd certainly agrees with me. Founded in 2019, this Mumbai-based homegrown brand started off as a passion project. She initially took small steps and started out by taking orders from house parties, friends and family. And voila! It was a hit. A few experimentations, ideas and a messy kitchen later, she decided to launch a full-fledged brand for flavourful and fresh dips. They've got five lip-smacking flavours you can choose from - classic garlic, spicy piri-piri, fresh mint, Tzatziki (Greek cuisine lovers, unite!) and spring onion. 

Their pricing starts from INR 160 for 220 grams. You can place your order through their IG or simply WhatsApp them on +91 9833290141. As these dips are made in small batches and to ensure the dips reach you fresh, make sure you place your orders at least two days prior.             


The delivery is done via third parties and based on your locality, you might have to pay additional delivery charges. 


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