Baking Not Your Forte? You'll Be A Pro In No Time With These!

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What Makes It Awesome

Yep, we all love the idea of baking. But, if you're someone (like me) who still confidently sprinkles salt instead of sugar (#guily), it gets intimidating. Going through YouTube videos/recipes, shopping for ingredients, meticulously following the process, and making sure you don't forget about the cake in the oven and hear your mom ask "kuch jhal raha hai kya?" 

Well, now there's no need to feel bad, because baking is not everyone's cup of tea! Something the good folks at Cakeify understand. Started by Veer Kapur and Elisha Parikh in January 2020, this gourmet e-store is making baking a cakewalk for us. Literally! Cakify offers three baking kits which include flavours like red velvet, vanilla and chocolate. These kits include the cake mix, frosting mix, moulds (that're prelined with butter paper, WOW!) and measuring cups. So, all you need are some basic ingredients and there you can whip up a delicious two-tier cake. 

Their pricing starts from INR 425 and upwards.     

So, whether it's a baking therapy you opt for on a weekend or simply are looking to indulge in a fun activity with your kids, these DIY kits are truly a blessing and make baking simple, quick and hassle-free. 


They deliver pan-India!


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