Feeling Low On Energy? Stock Up On These Delicious Energy Bars

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Eat Anytime

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What Makes It Awesome

Energy and protein bars are the best. They're wholesome and filling. They're tasty. And they're healthy. What else could people like you and me who love munching ask for? Now, if you're looking to hoard more of these, look no further. We've found you EAT Anytime which delivers energy and power-packed snack bars made of healthy ingredients like nuts, oats, seeds, dates etc. 

Expect amazing flavours like chocolate peanut butter, Bambaiya chaat, tangy orange, butterscotch etc. So, now when your hunger pangs strike, maybe give chips or instant noodles a break and try these. Apart from energy bars, you can also order in their healthy mixes filled with ingredients like cranberry, orange zest,  papaya and pineapple, chickpea peri peri etc. 

They've also got combos if you're looking to hoard these bars and stock up for a good one month. These include an array of munchies and dry fruit trail mixes. 

Their snacks start from INR 600 for 12 energy bars (and upwards).


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