Happy Cows Equals Best Milk: Mumbaikars You Can Have Yours Home Delivered

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Sarda Farms

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What Makes It Awesome

There's no home in the world that doesn't require it's daily milk. Most often we're left scrambling last minute for this essential and its cousins, (we're hinting at curd, ghee and butter) but with Sarda Farms you won't have to be doing that anymore. This app and website service knows its dairy. We say this because they have a 50-acre farm in a tiny village in Nashik with Holstein Cows (a breed valued for their remarkable quality of milk).

These cows are provided with a healthy diet, routine massages, and some encouragement from Mozart or Bach to help with stress. The cattle also have names, routine check ups and a detailed medical history. The result is high-quality milk with no antibiotics or hormones, and no overmilking! The ethically sourced milk is converted into other byproducts and shipped fresh to customers.Aside from controlling milk production, Sarda Farms also controls the delivery chain. They maintain a closely monitored cold chain (perfectly chilled for zero degradation) till products reach your doorstep.

You can opt for a subscription (starting per month) for four variants of milk - pasteurised, pasteurised skimmed, pasteurised and homogenised and A2 (for thicker beverages). Cow Milk, Low Fat and Pro-Diet Dahi, Pure Ghee and Unsalted Butter can be subscribed to. Sarda Farms delivers between 5 - 7 in the morning. You can pick specific days too. In case you want to order on a one-off basis make sure you place an order in advance (at least a day prior).


Sarda Farms only delivers in Mumbai and Nashik for now but are looking to expand operations soon. Watch this space for more.