Healthy Mixes, Granola & More: Your Search For Healthy Snacks Ends Here

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What Makes It Awesome

We're a sucker for healthy snacks. And why not? We can keep munching on them without any guilt. So, if your dabbas are filled with granola bars, healthy seed mixes or gluten-free cookies - you might want to hoard a few snacks from this brand. Called Healthy Bites, this Jaipur based snack brand specializes in granola and healthy mixes. 

Expect granola options like honey almond, triple coconut, cranberry granola or chocolate granola. Yum! Of course, these are sugar-free, without any preservatives and gluten-free. Great, wholesome and healthy breakfast options right? Get these for INR 500 for a 400-gram pack. Apart from granola, they've also got healthy mixes like honey-roasted assorted nuts, healthy trail mix and super seedy mix.

If you've been cutting down on sugar and replacing it with alternatives like honey, we'd say give their handmade honey a shot. Apart from their classic one, do try out their cinnamon based honey. 

We'd say it's a great local brand to support and try out. And, brownie points for those cute bottle packaging. Shop them on LBB.


The deliveries might be delayed owing to the Covid-19 situation.


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