Switch To A Sustainable Lifestyle: Make The Move With These Organic Pads

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking to make the switch to a more eco-conscious or sustainable lifestyle? But, not sure where to start? Well, one of the ways that we could definitely contribute is cutting out menstrual products that are harmful for the environment.

While many of us have made the move to a menstrual cup, it's a fact that not everyone would be comfortable with using one. In that case, an easy solution is to make sure that what you buy (especially since this is a monthly purchase and something that is completely essential for us) is more caring towards the environment. Plus, we've all faced problems with irritation caused by pads with a plastic cover. While they usually work like a charm, it can come with a fair bit of discomfort too. Noraa's pads are made free of harmful chemicals, are absorbant, 100 per cent biodegradable and made to maintain pH levels. You can opt for a single pack (INR 299) or packs of three (INR 807) and packs of five (INR1,270). Each pack comes with 12 pads. Now on days when you're feeling a bit iffy, they also have panty liners in single (INR 175), three-pack (INR 472) and five-pack (INR 743) options.

So if you're looking for a plastic-free and biodegradable alternative to regular pharmacy pads, we'd give this a shot. We suggest you try a single pack first as everyone's flow is different and you may need a different size or absorbancy.  


They currently have only one size of pad for their sanitary napkins and panty liners. Also bio-degradable pads do generally need to be changed more frequently as they are a bit less resilient than their plastic counterparts. 

You can check out their range right here on LBB.