Order Pancake Cupcakes, Jack Daniel Cookies & More Yum From This Mumbai Home-Baker

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What Makes It Awesome

Like yourself some blueberry pancakes in the morning? Or do ya like to eat cake for breakfast? Why not mix in the two, call it a day and have a blueberry pancake cupcake?

It is possible, and you can get 'em from Powai home baker, Shweta Katiyar's brand Blue Mango, in which she makes delicious, healthy, inventive and some may even say unusual baked goodies. What's up for grabs?

Well, she started off with the classic birthday cake and expanded her way into more experimental varieties, be it the chocolate cake with red wine, matcha rose cake or the more bite-sized salted caramel cupcakes {INR 120 per cupcake}.

We especially love the sound of the Jack Daniels Pick-Me-Up cookies, for INR 700 a dozen. Sneak them into work maybe, and pop in between a particularly boring phone call?

What's My Pro Tip?

Eating healthy, know someone who is or not-so-simply on a keto diet? Don't deprive yourself. Shweta makes delicious keto-friendly homemade nutella, gluten-free almond bread, and more options.

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