Love Indian Dishes, But Got No Time To Cook? Say Hello To These DIY Kits

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're staying alone, or if you're a working professional or you're away from your home - home-cooked meals kinda becomes a problem. And those who've been there, know that the struggle is real. And this was the story for these two medical professionals too who then decided to simplify this and make this process seamless and super easy. 

Started by Aparna Goel and Elton Fernandes, El The Cook attempts to simplify modern Indian cooking (which usually involves daunting cooking styles, numerous spices, measures etc.) So, here's what they came up with. Super easy ready-to-cook mixes which makes cooking Indian meals a few minutes job. So these DIY kits include a mix of all the spices (with the correct measurements), ghee tadka and other ingredients as well. Expect it all packed with love in a tiny jar which they'll ship to your doorstep. They call it 'Ready Takda Jars'. So expect an array of options for Dal, Pulao, Pongal, Khichd, Lemon Rice, Biryani etc. They've even got these amazing kits where you can make the classic Indian dishes just like you make Maggi. Yep. That simple it is. For instance, in your Khichdi kit, you can expect rice, lentils and a packet with masala to be added. Just mix it and voila your food's ready.

Their pricing starts from INR 230 and upwards. (Super cost-effective!)


They ship across India and even across the globe. 


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