Two Mothers Bring Back Rich South Indian Heritage, One DIY Kit At A Time

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Express Feast

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What Makes It Awesome

One thing's for sure. When two mothers are whipping some great stuff in their kitchens the end product has to be healthy and homely. A mother- in-law and daughter-in-law duo (along with their family members) are bring to us authentic and rich flavours of South India. 

Started in 2016, Express Feast brings to use ready-to-eat food which can be prepared merely by adding hot water. The idea of starting this venture was born after a family member found it really difficult to hunt for vegetarian food abroad. Thus, the duo decided to create more than a dozen of ready to eat alternatives including Poha, Umpa, Biryani, Pongal, etc. This sure comes as a breather for students or working professionals staying away from home. The brand just brings a homely feeling even if you're away from home. 

You can expect an array of options including lemon poha, rasam, upma, sabudana, pongal, pulao, biryani, bisibelebath and more. The pricing of these kits starts from INR 50 and upwards. 


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