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Ready In 3 Steps: Dehydrated Food Is The New Cool!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've stayed away from home, you very well know the value of home-cooked food. You know the time, effort and planning that goes into prepping for meals on daily basis; making sure you have all the ingredients, it turns out to be edible and YES - you're not too exhausted to spend an hour or two in a heated kitchen. 

Now, if you've nodded your head or said "oh yes, this is me" well, high-five! We're sailing in the same boat. So, we've decided to make your life 10x simpler by sharing this cool find - Moving Meals. The good folks at Moving Meals specialise in dehydrated food items that go beyond the usual fruits and vegetables. For those unaware, dehydrating food means minimising the amount of moisture present in the food item to increase its shelf-life. Moving Meals offers preservative-free, ready-to-eat dehydrated and dried food that can be cooked anywhere, anytime in just three easy steps. All you need is a pan of hot water where you simply need to pour the stuff from the packet, cook for a while and voila! It's ready. 

What all can I cook using their dehydrated packets? Well, from North Indian to South Indian, and from Gujarati Theplas to Mumbai-style street pav bhaji. These packets are super convenient if you're traveling, staying alone in a rented apartment or at a hostel. Some options include chole, idli-sambhar, pav bhaji, meethi thepla, black dal, poha, mix vegetables, rajma chawal, dal khichdi, paneer kadai, bhindi masala and more. With prices starting at INR 49, these won't even burn a hole in your pocket.  


The best part? They can even dehydrate your mom's home-cooked food or food from your favourite restaurant and may be carry it with you while you're away from home.