Get Organic Mangoes At Your Doorstep Within 24 Hours From This Konkan Farm


Summer’s here, and although that means a lot of heat, it also means mangoes. Here’s where you can get organically grown mangoes from.

Feeling Aam?

One of our favourite childhood memories was opening that red and yellow carton of mangoes that lay on a bed of strays. Although we have either stopped eating them {out of the sheer laziness that comes with staying alone} or just order it from online websites without knowing their source, it’s still a memory we hold on to.

A farm called Kalifornia 30 farms grows fresh and organic mangoes and these are grown on the Konkan coast of India. There is no use of any chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides added to the produce. The two types of mangoes being offered right now are the alphonso and payri mangoes. You can get them straight at home for only INR 700 a dozen, and they send it to your house in a day’s time.


So, We're Saying...

Call at 9833654857 or email and book your aam ki peti. Remember to keep some cash in hand as it is cash on delivery.