Get, Scent, Go! Organic Beauty Products From Nyassa Will Have You Smelling Divine

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What Makes It Awesome

We're always on the look out for skincare and beauty brands that fit our ethos. And unfortunately, finding an organic, vegetarian and cruelty-free brand isn't as easy as you'd imagine. That's why Nyassa is a great find and we're super excited to share our faves with you!

Nyassa's about all-round skincare and beauty that covers everything from body care to facial care to hair care too. If you love aromatherapy and naturally-scented products then their range is right up your alley. Think fragrant bath salts that envelope you in a cloud of scented steam once you toss them in the water to rich body butters that moisturize your skin, leaving it scented, pampering shower gels and even essential oils for those of you who dabble in aromatherapy. They've also got soaps, lotions, perfumes, face scrubs and washes, shampoo hair oil and incense sticks. A personal favourite is the bath salts - the Exotic Rose one definitely smells of actual rose and once you toss it in the bucket, it leaves your washroom scented and your skin scented too! 

The prices are pretty fair for what you get, though of course more expensive than an off-the-shelf supermarket brand. A handmade sugar soap will cost you INR 325 (the Berry Berry smells divine), body butter at INR 700 for 100 gms, bath salts at INR 500 for 220 gms and shampoo at INR 750 for 265 ml.