Order Zongzi For The First Time In India

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For the first time in Mumbai, the Dragon Boat festival delicacy comes to the city to stay a while. White Light Food (WLF), a prominent and niche brand specialising in Asian food, launches Zongzi in Mumbai. Called the king of rice dumplings, wrapped in banana leaves, Zongzis are typical festival food made out of sticky rice and flavourful, Oriental ingredients.

Crafted with authenticity, WLF offers Zongzi in 6 different flavours. They are packed with delicious fillings such as:
-Basil Paneer
-Pepper Chicken
-Oyster Chicken
-Sichuan Shrimp

Moreover, they have traditional variants like the Treasure Vegetables Zongzi that features lotus root, baby corn and bell peppers in soy base, and Water Chestnut Zongzi that has a stir-fried coriander-soy base.

The ready-to-eat zongzi have to be steamed with the banana leaves, covered for 5 mins and are then good to go. You can refrigerate them for 3 days and simply relish the hot delicacy on cold, rainy days. White Light Food focuses on bringing the authentic Asian culinary experience to your plates in the comfort of your own home. Apart from the latest launch, they are popular for their premium, hand-churned Asian cooking sauces, gravies and pastes.

Megha Poddar - CEO and Founder at White Light Food

At White Light Food, they do away with artificial colours, MSG (Ajinomoto) used for enhanced flavouring and preservatives. So while we are all confined indoors, you need not sulk and wait to savour lip-smacking Asian food.

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