These Hand-blended Aromatherapy Fragrance Melts Infuse Your Space With Calm

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What Makes It Awesome

Much like everyone else, I've been spending an awful lot of time at home these days. And as someone who has a love for fragrances of every kind - bath and body products, home fragrances and perfumes too, I was pleased to find a brand that offered a new experience - soy wax melts. 

I had never heard of the concept of wax melts before, so I was intrigued to find out more about these unique products. Hina, the founder, tells me that she was interested in creating products that bring out the potential of aromatherapy oils and their therapeutic effects on your mind and body, and the way they can uplift, invigorate and calm your mood. A life-long fragrance lover, Otum was inspired by the changing seasons and that unique scent that suffuses the air when October rolls around. Another important thing close to Hina's heart was sustainability, and the brand aims to be eco-conscious and sustainable. 

They've currently got a few custom blends, each evoking a unique mood and crafted with thought. Love all things sophisticated? Then the Jardin with its heady floral bloom will fill your room with a sense of richness. Romance in the air, Embrasse might be the right mood setting, and if you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, Revue is dreamy with its jasmine-infused scent and will help soothe tired nerves.


To use the melts, use a diffuser. Each melt burns for about 7 hours. Once it's burned out, clean with a cotton ball. The melts fit in all kinds of burners and can continuously burn for 7 hours. However, the fragrance lingers so you don't need to keep it burning for the entire 7 hours.