Out Of The Blue's New Delivery Kitchen's All Set To Make Us Go On A Health Binge

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What Makes It Awesome?

For a lot of us, a healthy meal usually means a salad, since it's the first thing we think of and is the quickest thing to make. But hey, it's not just about salads, is it? There's a lot more on offer and who better that Out Of The Blue's newest addition to the family, a special delivery kitchen called One Tight Wrap, to show us how limitless the options actually are. From tasty wraps to salads, baked nachos to pure chocolate sugar-free wraps and more, you can savour guilt-free because you certainly deserve more than just an iceberg lettuce!

The menu boasts of over a dozen varieties of healthy wraps - sweet and savoury. Turning up the beet, their wrap bases are specially made of organic, gluten-free, vegan flours with choices of amaranth-beetroot, amaranth cauliflower, soybean-carrot, soybean-cauliflower, and even sourdough varieties. One Tight Wrap also offers vegan, keto, pure chocolate, sugar-free varieties, and Jain specialties too. 

Vegetarians can enjoy fun concoctions like Kasundi Mustard Cottage Cheese or Hummus Falafel Cucumber while non-vegetarians devour Bengali style fish Paturi with Chef Ananya’s signature recipe or Chicken Chermoula and more. Also standing out on the menu is their unique mix of desserts in the form of wraps, like the chocolate almond wrap (also sugar-free), chocolate Oreo crumble wrap which brings together a chocolate shell with a decadent pure Belgian chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie crumble, and other such delicacies in keto and vegetarian-friendly choices.

They're available on Swiggy and Zomato across Mumbai. Patrons can also call in or Whatsapp their orders on 99200 20227.

PS: Their staff has been quarantined since the beginning of the lockdown and undergoes regular temperature checks, hand washing reminders, and all other precautions necessary to maintain the utmost care and cleanliness discipline.


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