Pack, Unwrap, Pour, Sip! Subko's Portable Pourover Is Convenient

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I love pour over coffee. In some ways, I feel like it brings the flavour out a lot better than the regular drip filter. While I am used to the Blue Tokai ones, I recently tried out the Subko one.

First up, the packaging. Subko's packaging is extremely compact and completely travel friendly. What I don't like is the plastic wrapping over the individual filters that requires scissors to take off - a perforated edge would be far preferable. The box comes with detailed instructions for newbies on how to brew the coffee to bring out the flavour. The filter easily fit on my cup and was very easy to use.

As for the flavour, the pour over I got is the Kerevaklu Dark Roast, which is definitely on the darker side of the spectrum. If you prefer light roasts, you may not appreciate the bitterness. I found this best to have with a healthy splash of milk.
One box will cost you INR 570 for 6 filters.