Scrubs, Oils And More Sourced From The Himalayas With Pahadi Local


All natural self-care products? Hell yeah! Opt for Pahadi Local’s Gutti Ka Tel, Khal and more, all of which is made with carefully sourced products from the Himalayas.

What To Buy?

Launched a year ago {they just celebrated their first anniversary}, Pahadi Local is the brainchild of Mumbai-based Jessica Jayne, which aims to bring to your doorstep the goodness of the hills, all bottled up. The company presently makes nine wellness and beauty products, all of which are made using well-identified and sourced products from the Himalayas, which beautifully mix tradition and luxury. Each of their products are non-formulated and carefully extracted ensuring that they are 100 per cent pure.

First up, try their Gutti Ka Tel {INR 1,500 for 200 ml}, which is an apricot kernel oil which is sourced from orchards in upper Himachal Pradesh. It works beautifully as a moisturiser, make-up remover and even helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks. The after-effects of this oil can be seen almost instantly, what with you having soft, smooth skin all the time {we love this one}. Their Khal {INR 650 for 75g} is made from apricot meal kernel works wonderfully as a scrub and can be easily mixed with milk, rosewater or honey. It exfoliates your skin in the most natural manner and leaves a beautiful aroma {we suggest you scrub your face with this and apply the oil after for best results}.

Check out their Markalak {INR 725 for 100g}, which is clay extracted from the hills in the higher altitudes, and is a natural remedy for acne and oily skin. Once again, when mixed with water/rosewater, it can act like as cleansing face pack or a body mud pack. Their range of other products such as Pull {lake sediment detox salt}, Akhrot Ka Tel {walnut oil}, Sheesham Ri Mao {rosewood honey}, Pushpa Ri Mao {multi-floral honey}, Kehuwa {Kangra leaf cut tea}, etc. all come with their set of benefits and are ideal for those looking for natural beauty and self-care items. And the fact that you don’t need to step out of your home to grab hold of this goodness makes it doubly special.

So We’re Saying…

Though at first glance the range may seem expensive, but these products are long-lasting and worth the money. We suggest you check these items out if you’re looking for pure and natural beauty solutions.

Click here for more information or to place your order. They deliver across the country.