The Gorgeous Pandavkada Waterfalls Are Just One Hour Away From Mumbai

    Kharghar, Mumbai


    Pandavkada Falls is a popular and a beautiful tourist for nature lovers nestled in the Pandavkada hills in the Khargar area of Navi Mumbai. Just an hour’s drive from the city, this waterfall comes alive during the monsoon season – with its water gushing down the green landscapes of the hills.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The scenic and the majestic waterfall is about 48 kilometres from Mumbai, easily accessible via the Mumbai-Panvel highway. The closest train station would be the Khargar station on the Harbour line from which it’s another 9km to the falls. However, during the rainy season we recommend making a road trip out of it – to capture the gorgeous scenery whilst driving down the highway and onto the hilly terrain.

    At 107 metres high, the falls make for a spectacular view during the monsoon. Let us a paint a picture for you. Hues of green hills with a slight mist and low clouds circling in onto the hills, the soothing splashes of the waterfall onto the rocky pool beneath and a day dedicated to pure relaxation. That’s an ideal day at Pandavkada.

    The Pandavkada waterfall was named after the five Pandavas of Mahabharatha. It is believed to be have named after the five Pandavas who passed through the hills and bathed in the waterfalls during their 14-year-long exile to the forest from Ayodhya.


    The rocky terrain combined with the greenery surrounded the hills, the falls are a slice of heaven in the monsoon. A lot of adventure activities take place there like rappelling, however we advise this with caution and to undertake this only under professional supervision.

      Kharghar, Mumbai