Sweet Streets: Try Pani Puri Ice Cream At This Ghatkopar Dessert Parlour

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Ever tried pani puri ice cream? You can if you head to Apsara Ice Cream in Ghatkopar East.

Chow Down

This ice cream parlour has some incredible ice cream flavours such as pani puri, tamarind, guava, sugarcane and mosambi. They also have some great fruity flavours if you’re looking for something more conventional. for the conventional minded also. All of their goodies are fresh and hand-churned.

I think you should try the pani puri ice cream just for the uniqueness. Also good are the guava, orange and red velvet for their taste. As you can tell, they have a lot of variety, which includes a range of fruit, nut, chocolate, sorbet, kulfi and sugar-free options. The guava flavour comes sprinkled with an amazing masala, which I loved.

Anything Else?

Parking may be challenging, but you can usually find a spot in the lanes around.


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