Pathare Prabhu Food Is Delicious And Won't Be Found At A Restaurant

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Pathare Prabhus are one of the oldest residing communities of Mumbai {then Bombay}, and play a key role when it comes to understanding and knowing about the history of our city. Surprisingly, despite holding this status, there are almost no restaurants in the city that cater this cuisine and allow others, like us, to try out the Pathare Prabhu specialities.

But, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s why we put together a list of three of the most famous Pathare Prabhu home chefs in town who’ve opened the doors of their houses to seat foodies and take them on a culinary experience unlike any other.

Kalpana Talpade

Kalpana Talpade boasts of a YouTube channel that has over 7,000 subscribers. Through her videos {conceptualised, shot and edited by her}, she shares some of her most authentic Pathare Prabhu recipes for everyone to try out at home.

And if that wasn’t enough, Talpade now hosts groups of 12 every fortnight for a lavish Pathare Prabhu thali at her home in Borivali. For her last meal, Talpade’s menu comprised kokum sarbat, chimbori {crab} che khadkhadle, tomatochi sheer {with prawns}, fish methkut {Bombay ducks}, mumbra {baked dish}, fried pomfret, prawns purnache, and koshimbir {salad} along with phulkas, rice, dal and pure homemade toop {ghee}.

To top it up, the dessert included doodhi halwa and kharwas {this is getting us hungry}. Priced at INR 1,500 per head, the meal lasts well over two hours and we guarantee that you will not leave disappointed. Kalpana’s Kitchen will host the next event on August 28 and we suggest you go satiate your taste buds.

Contact: +919221030532

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Soumitra Velkar

A catering student, Soumitra is a true-blue Pathare Prabhu and is extremely passionate about cooking and food in general. His meals are highly recommended by those who’ve been a part of them at his Andheri home.

His last delectable meal included kokum sarbat, fish fry {basis catch of the day}, bombil bhajji, kolambi/ karandi cha pie {prawns pie}, Pathare Prabhu-style mutton gravy, kolambi chi khichdi {prawns khichdi}, prawns curry and kharwas for dessert. Priced at INR 1,050, he hosts about seven diners at a time every fortnight and will host his next event very soon, so book yourself immediately.

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Geeta Dhairyawan

For former banker Geeta Dhairyawan, cooking came naturally while growing up. And this Andheri-based home chef was introduced to the wonders of the Pathare Prabhu cuisine only after marriage, but needless to say she took it like a fish takes to water.

She now hosts diners at her house every fortnight and cooks up a delicious meal comprising kokum sarbat, bangda/ rawas/ surmai/pomfret fry {basis catch of the day}, kolumbi cha loncha {prawn pickle}, kolumbi cha kalwan {prawn curry}, sarangya cha bhujna {pomfret curry}, chapatis, rice, sol kadi, koshimbir and sancha ice cream for dessert {menu for her upcoming thali}.

Priced at INR 1,049, she takes four diners at one time and we suggest you book yourself for her next meal already. Dhairyawan will host food enthusiasts on August 21, but sadly, it’s all booked.

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