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Seafood Lovers, Head To Jogeshwari For This Insane Pathare Prabhu Thali

What Is It?

Pathare Prabhu is one of Mumbai's original community's cuisine which you can't find at a restaurant. But, you can find it at this home chef experience in Jogeshwari.

Who Is It For?

For foodies looking for something new. The traditional Pathare Prabhu thali will be served up at the host's ancestral villa in Jogeshwari. Guests will have an opportunity to relish a pre-set menu of home-cooked seafood dishes.

Why Should I Go?

Because of the spectacular spread in store. The menu will include pangoji {shrimp fritters}, Bombil bhaji {besan-friend Bombay Duck}, paplet bhujna {Pathare Prabhu-style pomfret curry} or chimboreechi khadhkhadle {garlic-based spicy crab curry} depending on the catch of the day, chutneycha sarang {a stuffed whole pomfret with coriander and coconut, prawn palwan {prawns cooked in coconut milk, green chillies and coriander}, karandiche lonache {shrimps in spicy pickled masala}, kheema muthye {minced lamb cutlets made with chickpea}, tomatochi sheer {tomato and coconut curry}, and kela podi {banana pancakes} with ice cream for dessert.

Diners will also be served homemade lemonade, rice, phulka, chutneys {amla and lemon grown in their garden}.

What Else?

Book fast, as each meal can only accommodate 24 diners. You can also expect to be regaled with trivia and stories behind the Pathare Prabhu cuisine. 

Where: Gurukrupa Bungalow, 8, Sarawati Baug, Jogeshwari East

When: 12.30pm onwards, Sun, September 18

Price: INR 1,200 per person.

Contact: +919818093595, +919920171919

Find them on Facebook here.

Featured photo courtesy: Kalpana Talpade