Patil Juice Centre In SoBo Serves Amazing Oreo Cookie Milkshake & Is Open Till 1AM

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We love Patil Juice Centre at Charni Road for their delicious, fresh juices and out-of-the-world milkshakes {perfect in this weather}.

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Patil Juice Centre near Opera House is one of our favourite places to go grab some fresh juice. The joint opens at 9am and starts serves what we think are some of the most fresh and amazing juices in the city. They have all the fruits, including the amazing seasonal ones and also have quite a reputation for their tasty milkshakes.

Given this hot, hot weather, we could really do with a chilled drink. We strongly recommend their Oreo cookie milkshake because it’s super tasty and filling. In fact, we think it’s a great idea to catch a movie at Roxy cinema or Central Plaza and head for a delectable chilled beverage here after.

So, We're Saying...

Beat the heat with Patil Juice Centre’s super tasty and delicious juices and milkshakes.