Pooping In Style: This Brand Makes Hygienic Indoor Toilets For Your Pets

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What Makes It Awesome

Why should hoomans have all the fun when doggos and cattos deserve more of that? Especially while they're trying to do their business. Pet parents, introduce your pooches to Pawspot's pet toilets, that aren't just hygienic, but also convenient for your animals and you. Here's why. 

Tushal Gupta, the founder of Pawspot, started making these toilets around three years ago, and the initial purpose was to cater to ailing dogs who cannot climb down the stairs to reach the garden and do their job. However, the toilets are extremely convenient for every animal, and in any given situation. Imagine if it's pouring cats and dogs outside, or if you live in a building that has no lift and you're too lazy to take your dog for a walk, or you've gone out for work and your pet is home alone. Now imagine how useful this toilet is for them (and you)

Pawspot toilets come in three sizes- 44x36 inch, 36x30 inch, and 36x24 inch, that cost INR 6,000, 7,000, and 8,000 respectively. The toilets are made using a sturdy recyclable aluminium frame that are corrosion-free and have weather-proofing done on them. They're designed with a slope towards the center for the wastewater to pass into the outlet that's under the tray. The tray has a long-lasting artificial grass mat with extra holes for wastewater to seep through it. There's also a water flush with an optional automatic water timer. The toilets are light-weight, portable, durable, and can sustain any weather. 

Pawspot also makes customizable wooden designer beds that start at INR 6,000 and metal cat litter scoopers for INR 899. So you have more variety to dabble with. But if you want to get your pet loo-trained, then we'd suggest that you place your order for the toilet soon. They deliver all over the country, and you can call on 9999341502 to get more deets about the toilet's mechanisms. 


These toilets come handy for times when work keeps you too busy, and you're unable to take your pet baby down the society garden more than twice a day. 


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