Four-Legged Love: Where To Adopt An Adorable Puppy (Or Kitten) From In Mumbai

Bhavika posted on 07 February

Ten-Second Takeaway

There’s always a puppy looking for a home, a recently abandoned cat who needs more love and a cat who has just recovered and has no place to go. If you are looking to take home a furry friend, adopt, don’t shop, and this list will take you exactly where you need to go.

Animals Matter To Me

Animals Matter To Me is a Navi Mumbai {and Bangalore} -based animal welfare and adoption centre. They rescue dogs, treat them, hold programmes to make people more aware of animal compassion and hold adoption drives as well. This anial shelter is extremely hard-working, and is on the look out for donations as well. If you have the time and resources to take care of a rescue animal, please do reach out to them on their Facebook page here or call them on 099677 95660 for dog adoption in Mumbai.



Bungalow 14, Opp. Tab Cab Godown, Chikuwadi Road, Marve, Malad West, Mumbai

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Cat Cafe

Low-lying seating, tables with café and cats lazily strewn across the floor or lost in heavy sleep in between shelves of clothes. That’s the amazing Cat Café in Andheri for you, owned by cat-lovers, Mridu, Charu and Jason. They rescue cats, take care of them and you can adopt a cat from their café. They also often host cat donation camps too.

If you further want to know more about them, and be led to a page with adorable, meow-worthy cat photos, check this out.

Keep a track of those paw marks left on Facebook here for updates on adoption and some seriously sage life advice imparted by these kitties.



Bungalow 63, 1st Floor, Harminder Singh Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

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The Welfare Of Stray Dogs

WSD is an organisation which aims to take care of dogs on the street, by treating them, healing them and then finding homes for them. One of their other major functions is to eradicate rabies.

If you keep a tab on their Facebook page here, there will be a post a day {and then some more} enticing you to bring home a little piece of your heart.

World For All

Founded in 2006, World For All is a non-profit organisation which solely exists to give animals a better place in the world. From adoption camps, constant rescuing and treatment of animals and looking for foster homes, these guys often host different events so as to raise funds for the animals.

You may have even come across their adoption camps set up at the pet-friend Doolally.

Follow their Facebook page here to see updates on calls for adoption/ foster homes.

To know more about foster dogs and pups, call 9820191321. To get a kitty home, call 9820496099.

Pet Care

15-A/21, Takshila, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East , Mumbai

Youth Organisation In Defence Of Animals

YODA is a group started by 5 animal lovers who wanted to keep push away the puppy mills and ‘pure breeding’ concepts seen very commonly taken by potential pet parents. They hope that people soon just know the policy of ‘adopt, don’t shop’ when it comes to getting an animal home. Now, it is a full fledged Facebook group joined by thousands of other like-minded animal lovers. The group treats, rescues and rehomes the animals, conducting thorough background checks before adoption and also follows up after the adoption process.

If you join the Facebook group here, you will be in the know of lots of other community members posting about adoption and foster updates.

Pet Care

Huma bunglow, 50, Chuim Village Road, Pali Hill, Khar West, Mumbai

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Mumbai Animal Adoption

Mumbai Animal Adoption is a community-led group based in Mumbai. The members update the group with posts of any animals who are up for adoption. They also keep their Facebook page updated with animal adoptathons and camps set up by any of the NGOs mentioned above.

Follow them here.