Jayati posted on 28th August

Too Cute: Here's Our Pawesome Guide To Pet-Friendly Eateries & Cafes In Mumbai

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re a pet parent, you’ll be happy know that a few restaurants and cafes in Mumbai will let you bring your furry babies when you’re out for coffee, or food. Leave no man behind, and bookmark these pet-friendly places for next time you’re walking out the door and leaving your best friend.

Doolally Taproom

Doolally Taproom across cities is one of the first places to come up with a pet-friendly vibe. That’s right, Doolally is super pet-friendly that any given time you’ll find at least one dog, or if you’re lucky, a puppy, chilling their with its parents. In fact, Doolally in Andheri has its own pet cat. Beer, house fries and pets, there’s nothing that we don’t love about good old Doolallys.


Gostana has always been a bit of a hidden gem in Bandra, and is literally hidden inside a regular residential building. Run by Arpana Gvalani, Gostana is cosy, intimate and yep, pet-friendly cafe. In fact, if you’ve been a regular, you’ll probably be aware of their in-house doggos, golden labrador Apple and golden retriever Zizou. Though Apple doesn’t come there anymore, you’ll find Zizou giving cuddles and licks to the guests.

#LBBTip: Though during the monsoon we advise you to call up beforehand and checking with them before taking your fur ball there, as Zizou is old, and may get anxious with other dogs there.

Cafes & Coffee Shops


Titled aptly Zoobar has an actual theme of a zoo running through its entire space. Zoobar is popular for organising its pet brunches, events and the likes of it, all in the honour of our cute furry best friends.

At Zoobar, you may get along your pet, however, the entry is restricted to the al fresco bar area, and the timings are from 2pm to 7pm through the week. They even have a special menu for pets, in case you’re all about pampering them.

The Bagel Shop

One of the most chic cafes in Bandra, we absolutely love The Bagel Shop for when we’re in the mood to work out a new space, or just get a quick coffee. And it only gets better because it is also a pet-friendly cafe {hurray!}.

The outside section is open to your pets, so you may come here, chill with your furry pal as you please. Also, don’t forget to try their special East Indian menu.

Woodside Inn, Oshiwara

Did you know Woodside Inn at Oshiwara is actually pet-friendly? That’s right, from Mondays to Fridays, and from 11.30am to 5.30pm, you may bring along your pets to the pub.

#LBBTip: In case you have a fussy eater, you’re free to carry pet food along, and feed it to them at the pub.

Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows is a cute space full of waffles, books, and even comics. We love the space as not only does it offer good coffee, and is a cool place to hangout for brunching, or chilling. However, the most important facet of this cafe is that it is also pet-friendly. At the outside space {upstairs}, anyone is free to get their pets along.

Out Of The Blue, Khar

Out of the Blue in Khar is a pretty cafe, with an indoor and an outside area. The good news is the outdoor area allows for the pets, though only until 8pm.

The Burger Brasserie, Lokhandwala

If you’re all about the burgers, then this tiny restaurant in Lokhandwala will surprise you with their delicious menu. However, why we love it even more because the outside area permits for our dogs, or cats whilst you’re enjoying your own meal.

The Village Shop

The pretty cafe on Hill road is another cafe in the city that’ll let us get our doggos, cats, or hamsters {if you wish} out lunching with us. They have have a lovely outside area {where the pets are allowed}, and it is as good as it gets. They do amazing hot chocolate, have a good collection of tea, and also offer vegan options. And if you ask nicely, they’ll give you a bowl for you furry baby.


You can also check out the Cat Cafe Studio, a cafe which is all about the cats, rescued cats at that, that are all up for adoption. Though strictly speaking, you may not take your own pets here, but you can definitely play with the cats, and their pet doggo {who generally lounges himself outside}.