From Eco-Friendly Chew Toys To Colorful Bows, This Store Stocks Up The Best For Your Pet

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's admit it. We want the best for our pets. While there are too many pet stores catering to serving the best of products for your pooches and felines, we've found one in Lokhandwala's Highland Park that might be a notch above the rest.

Pet Universe stocks up on carrot sticks, cutesy bows with cat and dog bells for your munchkins. They start at INR 100 and add a zing to their look. You'll also love their collection of eco-friendly chew toys for your pets, and a tug-of-war rope to unleash your doggo's sporty self. For kittens, there are artificial worm-shaped toys, fish-shaped scratch-boards, and pretty jackets and frocks (starting from INR 650) And since monsoons are round the corner, you can invest on some tiny colorful socks for your pupper.

Pet Universe deserves a 5/5 for its variety of food (Buy a packet of Blueberry Jerky chicken) toys, and accessories for your babies. And we think you're already impressed enough to bookmark it.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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