Get Your Cameras Out: Check Out These Photography Classes In Mumbai To Enhance Your Skills

Vernika posted on 18 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

In the times of social media where everything is picture perfect and Instagram-worthy, if you truly wish to learn photography, then you must check out these classes in Mumbai.

Girish Menon Photography Workshop

Girish Menon has been teaching photography to more than 3,000 participants between the age of 10 and 85. He has a patient approach to teaching and understanding the difficulties of his students, most of who are using DSLR cameras for the first time. People, portrait photography, street photography, travel photography, wildlife and bird photography and macro photography are his favourite subjects.

You can know more about his classes here.

Udaan School of Photography

Udaan offers specialised photography courses, ranging from a Basic course of six days, and a five-day Advanced photography course that is more rigorous. Each of these courses are based around weekends so that professionals can participate. The courses stress on providing a thorough understanding of the basic principles of photography, which in turn help in taking shortcuts to get the very basics correct. That itself helps in understanding photography really well. It is this that makes Udaan stand out among the crowd of art-based courses.

You can know more about them here.

Toe Hold Travel and Photography

Photography is art that dwells on the postulates of science, and it is this that the workshop focuses on. The experts at hand knows exactly what it takes to develop the course for thorough understanding of the art. The course starts with basics, rehearses the finer details, explains technical aspects and branches into advanced practices of photography. The course explains photography in a way that every particular aspect of camera and photography becomes well rehearsed and instinctive for you. This helps simplify everything about photography, so that the technical aspects do not stand in your way of taking the perfect photograph.

You can know more about them here.


Make sure to enquire about their prices and trial classes before you book a class