Morning Glory: Everything On Pizza By The Bay's Breakfast Menu Is For INR 299

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We just noticed that Pizza By The Bay, our favourite restaurant with a view {we do love their vegetarian pizzas}, has an amazing breakfast offer going on. Read to know more.

Chow Down

We do love our most important meal of the day. Now, at Pizza By The Bay, we can make sure that the most important meal isn’t the most expensive one as well.

For their new deal, the amazing restaurant is selling a range of pancakes and waffles for only INR 299 each. Here’s what’s on the menu: when it comes to pancakes, choose between white chocolate and apple, chocolate brownie, Oreo cookie, blueberry and banana, oatmeal; and strawberry and banana.

For waffles, take your pick from grilled chicken and lettuce, grilled vegetables and cheese, nutella, peanut butter and banana; and crispy bacon and egg. We’re loving the last one {who doesn’t love some unhealthy bacon in the morning?}, but you can of course, take your pick.

Anything Else?

The restaurant is beautifully located, so after your awesome breakfast, you can take a walk or run down Marine Drive as well.


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