We've Seen It All: A New Eatery Is Serving Spaghetti & Chhole In A Cone

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You’ve heard of pizza in a cone, but a new eatery in Bandra, Topiitto, is taking the game to another level.

Cone You Believe It?

Located on Pali Hill, Topitto {owned by the guys behind FroYo, which is also served here by the way} is taking almost everything topping you can imagine, and giving it a twist. Like a pizza? Try it in a cone. A supporter of mac and cheese? You’ve gotta try it in a cone. What about some chicken tikka masala or Amritsari chole? These guys say it’s better in a cone.

What else do they have? You may have noticed the boom of bubble waffles in Mumbai off late and we’re glad to tell you that they aren’t making those. They’re bringing something beloved to the table: savoury waffles. With each dish having two-four pieces, they have options such as the pesto and cheese waffle, pizza waffle, chicken salami waffle, egg omelette waffle and more. Don’t worry, they have called for backup. Sweet waffles are available too when you don’t want to experiment.

These conical meals cost between INR 150-190 each. The waffles cost INR 140 for two pieces and INR 220 for four.

So, We're Saying...

End the meal with a small cup of frozen yogurt, so take some home for a post-dinner snack. And remember, the blame for the after-effects shouldn’t fall on us!


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