We Found 'Pizza-Sev Puri' In Borivali West And It Did Not Disappoint

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Try the ‘pizza sev puri’ at Shreeji Stall in Borivali West to have a unique combination of veggies, paneer, cheese, chutney and well, sev puri {yep, you read that right}.

Chow Down

This pizza-sev puri hybrid is unusual, but also unusually tasty. It’s got all the basic ingredients of a sev puri, with some unique additions.

The gentleman at Shreeji Stall, Jayantilal Patel, first mixes all the veggies – onions, capsicum and so on, then throws in some paneer, olives, corn and cheese. Once the mixture is ready, he adds red chutney {his own secret recipe}, some more cheese and lays the entire mix on top of your regular puri. Then he uses a cooking torch to brown the top, then grates some more cheese on top, adds some seasoning, and serves it piping hot.

What you get finally is a beautiful combination of pizza and sev puri, which surprising isn’t bad at all {provided it’s eaten hot}. Priced for INR 150, this dish takes about 10 minutes to be prepared, but what’s makes it so delectable {beyond its good taste} is the fact that watching the process itself is a lot of fun.

So, We’re Saying…

If you love weird food just like we do, then make your way to Borivali west and check out this very unique dish.


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