London Taxi: A Place With Great Ambience, Music & Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Visited London Taxi in Mumbai.

We ordered below:
-Divine Passion: Passion fruit-based drink mixed with him and Bombay sapphire 150 served along with passion fruit hanging on to the glass.
-Sober Sherlock: Sweet sour mocktail blended perfectly with sweet lime juice, strawberry, and rose syrup. Served in a very unique way that catches our eye.
-Lamb Kheema Nachos: Lamb kheema finely mixed with their sauce and serves along with nachos and cheese. Nachos are crispy and kheema is tender and great to have.
-Chicken Potstickers: Chicken dumplings uniquely fried and served with firecracker sauce.
-Morrocan Fish Tikka: Betki fish very much fresh and tender, marinated perfectly in tikka and served with smoked bell pepper harissa.
-Korean Chilli Prawns Fried Rice: Traditional fried rice but made in Korean chilli sauce it's a bit on spicer side but that's what makes it fun and great to have.
-Baked Salmon with Jhol Consomme: I have never had perfectly baked salmon so Welly marinated or served with consomme jhol, it is one of their finest dishes on the menu.
-Elderflower Panna Cotta: Another finest in Panna cotta I do not have words to describe. It's a must-have one if you are there.

Try out their sober Sherlock and Divine passion, nachos, Korean chilli prawns fried rice, baked salmon and Panna cotta

Quality- good
Quantity- enough for one
Do visit them and enjoy your dining experience.

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