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The lack of a streamlined system in India for students wanting to pursue their studies abroad led to the creation of EdHola, an edupreneurship initiative, by Mr Vipul Mehta, an IIT Bombay alumnus. EdHola guides every student, providing them with a tailored start to end solution, successfully turning foreign education into a reality for all. EdHola provides all of its students with an in-depth candidate insight, profile building exercises, prospective university lists, essay and SoP ideation, resume drafting and letter of recommendation guidance. EdHola is also known for providing the last mile connectivity wherein they help students secure financial assistance, student visas and foreign campus stays.

'EdHola' strongly believes in nurturing a child`s career into a successful future as well.
Think Of Ivy Leagues, Think EdHola!
Get into Ivy colleges and top universities of the world only with EdHola!

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