We're Loving This New Cosy All-Day Diner In Fort Serving Fluffy Pancakes, Avocado On Toast & More

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The people of the cute cafe, Food For Thought inside Kitab Khana, have launched their latest cafe, Plenty Cafe and it’s our go-to-place for a good breakfast fix, or as we millennials prefer, brunch.

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Taking after the American all-day diner concept, Plenty cafe serves the same purpose, walk in here and get breakfast whenever you want. With its colourful decor and airy space, it’s a great spot for some quality solitary time, dates or even just a quick catch up over coffee.

Now now, Fort has plenty of its cafés out there, but with the Plenty Café’s selection of rock music playlist, we were sold from the word go.

Chow Down

The café keeps it simple- it has all-day breakfast, comforting bowls and desserts that are sinful. Starting with their avocado toast {INR 400}, we think it is absolutely freaking delicious. With fresh, pulped avocado, topped with beetroot and goat cheese and just about peppers, it’s the breakfast of the champions.

They have fluffy pancakes {INR 300}, yummy cold bowls {including pesto salad, kale salad}, hot bowls that include ramen bowls, Kerala chicken curry or a Goan prawn curry – whatever floats your boat.

Lastly, the dessert section deserves extra attention. They absolutely ace it with their choice of desserts, and our favourite is the Turkish orange and Semolina cake. Unless you’re all about the no-fuss, then we suggest you go for a cuppa cafe mocha, with a side of their freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

So, We're Saying...

Plenty Café doesn’t leave you disappointed, and matches up to its counterpart with thickest hot chocolate we’ve had in the city. Though definitely a slightly expensive priced menu, we see the black robed suits {lawyers of Fort} seamlessly get their breakfast fix before heading off to their courts.


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