Elegant Decor With A Pool Side Dining At Oheka

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What Makes It Awesome?

Pool inside a restaurant, What? Yes, this place has a nice pool in the outside seating area. I was so excited about the pool that I forgot to start my review nicely.

So visited Oheka yesterday and it's in Hill Road, Bandra. The vibe of this place is nice and they have indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor also has a live music area. The outdoor has a pool. And even though it's outdoor seating, it isn't hot there as they have taken care of the air conditioner there. The place is nicely lit and has some quirky quotes written here and there.

Talking about the food we tried-
1) Brazilian Connection: A nice coffee and chocolaty drink. This has Gin, Coffee, Chocolate bitter, Jasmine Syrup, Rosso and vermouth.
2) Old Sage: This was another very tasty drink. This had Tequila, Ginger, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Sage Leaves, Angostura bitter.

1) Freshly Screwed: Fresh pomegranate, Basil leaves, mint leaves, lime wedges and sweet&sour. Nice fruity drink but felt a bit too sweet. There was pomegranate fruit inside.
2) Watermelon Detox: I am a sucker for Watermelon drinks. And this one had soda in it so a win-win for me. The drink had fresh watermelon pieces, mint leaves, sour mix, watermelon syrup and grape juice. When in dark it felt that both the Mocktails looked the same but later we checked the colour. This one was also but too sweet. I guess because of the Syrup.

1) Trash Can Nachos: Full marks to this dish. I love nachos. But hate when people don't put enough toppings over it. Unlike at Oheka, the chips were loaded with Guacamole, sour cream, homemade salsa and cheese sauce. Also, this came in a can and we had to unload it in our plate.
2) Cheese Corn Scallion Cigars: Filo pastry stuffed with corn, cheese and scallion. I have tried cheese sticks at a lot of places but this one was new. Nice innovation made. I truly loved this dish. The filo wrap was thin and crisp and the gooey cheese corn pops out Every time you take a bite
3) Dahi me Kebab: Kebabs made out of hung curd with some cardamom powder and coriander but iv had better ones at other places. But still a nice one.

1) Punjabi Dum Aloo: This was a nice North Indian Gravy. The gravy was thick and the aloo in it was done tandoor. Even after tandoor, the potatoes were soft and not hard. The gravy came with Butter Naan. Which was also really nice as a combo.
2) Penne (Pink Sauce): Pink Sauce pasta is my favourite. The pasta was cooked just perfectly. The cheese on top was also just fine, not too much or less. Yes, the veggies in it were loaded. Loved that it wasn't a runny textured one. And had enough consistency.

1) Textures of Chocolate: Chocolate is my love and I can't miss on ordering one for the dessert. This one was a chocolate mousse with sponge cake in the centre plus the base. The mousse was topped with in-house Golden Cookies and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Such a delicious dessert. Total chocolaty.
2) White Chocolate Pyramid and Fruits: this was something very unique that I heard and so asked for it. White chocolate pyramid having a flamingo pink colour over it. Under the pyramid were 2 roundels of plain cheesecake alongside were crushed biscuits and finely chopped apples. Along with came caramel syrup to drizzle on the top. A very good dessert for non-Chocolate lovers.

The staff was super kind and made sure Ithat the guests have a good time.

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How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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