Is Pop Pilates The Newest And Trendiest Workout In Town? We Think It Is!

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A first of its kind in India, pop pilates has been brought in by US certified pilates teacher, Sweety Gupta who runs Fitism and takes classes in Mumbai.

My Heart Goes Pop

Sweety Gupta offers pop-pilates across the city, at Tangerine Arts Studio, The Space in Juhu and at Bodyholics. Pop Pilates is basically dance on the mat as it takes the traditional pilates a notch higher. It works on simple principle, pilates moves are combined with music which turns out to be an extremely high-intensity workout. It’s a 55-minute mat-based workout, wherein you’ll find yourself seamlessly flowing from one move to another, all the way keeping your base on the floor-mat.

What We Love

POP Pilates is a fun and engaging way of working out. It’s trendy and we know it’s here to stay. The mat movements are generally choreographed to popular songs, however, every three months the choreography is changed and improved on. It’s for anyone who’s looking for something new and exciting to embrace in their fitness routine, and is for all ages.

So, We’re Saying…

Getting in popping shape with pop pilates, and live to tell the tale. We’re sure you will love this workout!

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