Ten Second Takeaway

We discovered Topaz Old Paper Mart, a shop on Waroda Road which is an amazing spot to find antique relics such as gramophones, vinyls and more – and sell yours off as well.

What to Buy/Sell


When we visited the first time, an old record player was staring us right in the face. The shop-owner also told us that it was being sold with a pair of huge speakers, which were fully functional. The speakers and record player were available for INR 5,000, a price which reduced marginally after some haggling. Besides this, we also found vinyl records, antique idols, and more.

Besides this, the shop also sells and buys old books at discounted rates. Lots of non-fiction titles, as well as some fun reads such as an Agatha Christie collection, PG Wodehouse novels, and more at half the original prices.

So, We’re Thinking…


If you live in Bandra, they will even pick up stuff from your house {in and around Bandra} so you can quit arguing about who will step out to get rid of that old vase you hate. Also, since Diwali’s right around the corner, why not sell all of the scrap for some dough?

Photos: Nupur Prasad/LBB