Seize The Clay: Get Your Fix Of Handcrafted Pottery & Ceramics At The Potter's Place

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What Makes It Awesome

If your love for pottery takes you to places near and far, the Potter's Place in Mahim should definitely be on your radar for handcrafted ceramics and pottery made by a 71-year-old artist.

Potter's Place in Mahim is where artist Shalan Dere likes expressing herself through her favourite medium, clay. A self-taught potter, she offers all sorts of workshops in wheel and hand pottery. The studio is also the place where you can buy ceramic figurines, decorative tiles, wall murals, bowls, mugs, leaf-shaped plates, in signature earth colours and glazes in shades of greens, browns and blues.

What's really interesting is that she conducts workshops on alternate firing techniques like raku, sawdust and even sagger firing in the studio that's located in her garden. The price for the same depends on the number of days and hours you're willing to give to pottery. You'll also find handmade dinner plates, glasses, mugs, sculptures, bowls, cases and more with the price ranging from INR 50 to INR 3,500.


The lovely host is extremely helpful and is patient, so beginners, this is your time to explore this as a fun hobby.


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