Stationery Stores

Pranita Kocharekar

    Got A Thing For Stationery? You Must Hit Up This New Brand For Notebooks, Postcards & More

    Bhavika posted on 16 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Mumbai-based illustrator and artist, Pranita Kocharekar has just opened the most adorable online stationery shop, and we’re adding everything to cart.

    Note This

    Pranita, a self-taught illustrator and type designer has several caps in her feather. She runs an awesome Instagram account {with Monday motivation posts that will make you jump out of bed}, freelances and occasionally even takes out the ol’ bucket of paint and makes wall murals!

    On her new eponymous website, she’s put some stationery and merch on sale, including postcards, calendar, a yogi jotter notebook and more.

    We especially love the A to Z of Self Care stickers, with something thoughtful recommended with each letter of the alphabet.

    The calendar is for INR 550, postcards for INR 250 each.

    So, We're Saying...

    Visit the website here and stock up on some super cute stationery that will illicit the typical, ‘oh my god, that’s so cute. Where’d you get it?’


    Stationery Stores

    Pranita Kocharekar