Ten-Second Takeaway

Heading to or back from Bandra? Ditch the Sea-Link and make a quick stop at Prapti Dosa Corner in Mahim.

Chow Down

The famous south Indian joints of Matunga have some competition now, and it doesn’t fear experiments. It’s a great place for quick and delicious south Indian without the queues. It’s a no-frills, simple 15-seater place right not the main road. But the food is what takes the cake.


They do authentic food well, especially their podi dosas, rasam vadas and butter idlis. If you’re a cottage cheese lover, try the paneer dosa {they’re quite generous with the paneer I tell you}. There’s pineapple sheera to end it on a sweet note and filter coffee to wash it down.

But once you’ve tried all that, you should really try the fusion food. There’s palak paneer dosa; now I would never try that, but you might. It’s like south Indian and north Indian heaven. It tastes way better than it sounds. Another interesting option is the pizza dosa which is a personal recommendation of the owner.

Anything Else?


Dessert dosa! The chocolate dosa. Imagine a south Indian crepe, bananas, Nutella and chocolate sauce wrapped in a dosa. Not a bad way to end the meal.