There's A Home Decor Haven In Juhu That's All Blue & White

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What Makes It Awesome

Juhu Tara Road has a plethora of designer labels and luxury skincare brands, but Project Blue Home Decor is like a breath of fresh air in the line. We spotted this super pretty store while we were travelling to Andheri and, guess what? We had to get off the rickshaw to find out what its got (the aesthetics are that alluring!) 

On entering, we were greeted by the owners, Prerna and Avi Rajawat, who launched this brand with a very simple motive. They were looking for fine porcelain in blue and white in the city. On not being able to find it, they decided to come with their brainchild that's now called Project Blue Home Decor. The store's got table lamps (INR 7,000 onward) to grace the sides of your bed, flower vases to spruce up that corner of your living room (the tallest one is of 6 feet high, and it comes for INR 65,000.) You will get the small ones from INR 7,000. If you're fond of candle stands yourself, or would want to gift some to your gang, invest in their golden lamp stands that not just look regal and elegant, but also start at a nominal rate of INR 8,000.

Project Blue Home Decor stocks up on fine glass, porcelain and ceramics in blue and white (probably the most elegant color combination that exists) and the price ranges are very decent when compared to the other biggies in business. So if you too are looking to deck up your space, try out this store. We bet you won't come out disappointed because everything's value for money, and gorgeous.

What Could Be Better

We wish they had more branches, or an e-commerce portal! 


Project Blue also has these amazing jars that you can use as a gifting option, or to keep flowers when you have guests coming home. 


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