Love At First Spike: Best Volleyball Courts To Play At In Mumbai

Athletes posted on 23 January

Born in USA, Volleyball is a more than 100-year-old sport that is, even today, played with a lot of love and enthusiasm. And the best part about this game is that volleyball can be enjoyed virtually anywhere a net can be set up, including over a swimming pool. Basic volleyball skills include serving, passing and setting, spiking, blocking, and digging. So, to get you well versed with this skill of keeping things in the air, we have compiled a list of public volleyball courts in Mumbai that you can go practice at.

IIT Bombay, Powai

IIT Bombay Volleyball Club is one of the most enthusiastic clubs at the institute and is committed to training athletes to perform at their highest level by uniting talented and passionate players. They view the volleyball court as a classroom, transformed to teach lessons of commitment, responsibility, teamwork, etc., and the importance of sacrifice and sportsmanship. IIT Bombay has one of the best Volleyball facilities in town with three synthetic indoor courts and two outdoor courts.

Timing {indoor courts}: 6:00am- 9:30 am, and 5pm to 10pm.

Bhavans College, Andheri

In this college, students are hugely encouraged to participate in sports. The college has a well-equipped gymkhana along with a large playground, making the atmosphere on the campus conducive to sports. Services of best coaches are hired and latest equipment are made available. The college has a spacious sports ground suitable for all field and track events. They also have a volleyball court that’s open to the public.

Timing: 8.30am To 5:00 pm

Schools & Colleges

Bhavans College

Gilbert Hill, Andheri West, Mumbai

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Pillai HOC Educational Campus, Rasayani, Panvel

This vast campus is home to 10 educational institutions {from schools to professional colleges}, but the main attraction of this campus is its huge outdoor sports arena. The ground spans across 8.75 acres and has three volleyball courts. The courts are open for public in the evening, so anyone living around there must make the most of this.

Schools & Colleges

Pillai HOC College Of Engineering

HOC Colony, Rasayani, Panvel, Navi Mumbai

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Navi Mumbai Sports Club, Vashi

At NMSA fitness is an elixir for health. They have rather good arrangements for those interested in volleyball, and their space can be easily used by non-members too. While members can avail the facility for free, non-members need to just pay a nominal fee.

Timing: 5:30pm to 7:30pm on weekdays

Sports Venues

Sector-1A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

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