Oh So Convenient! This Coffee Brand Is Built For The Busy Lifestyle

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you always on the lookout for the best way to make a great cup of coffee in the shortest amount of time? We know we are. Between endless Zoom meetings, housework and chores, we don't always have a chance to make the perfect cuppa joe.

That's why we're happy to find a roastery that makes great, fresh-roasted coffee accessible. We're pretty excited to try Cohoma Coffee's Drip Coffee Bags that come in a variety of flavours like the Original Custom Roast Pack, as well as flavoured variants for those of us who love our coffee flavoured - think a Cinnamon Hazelnut and French Vanilla. We think you could skip that sugary dessert and sip on one of these instead! And if the summer heat is getting to you, then they've got cold brews as well in 3 flavours - these are full-size bottles and you can drink them over a few days or share as well. Don't like experimenting with your coffee? Then go classic with their Roasted Coffee in Original Mellow or Bold - each fresh ground coffee comes with its own filter so you don't need any additional equipment to brew the perfect cup. And for those of you returning to work, the On-The-Go BrewCup means you have your very own coffee to sip on at any time. 

Prices start at INR 535 for Roasted Coffee Cannisters (250gm), INR 540 for Drip Coffee Bags (Pack of 10) and INR 475 for Cold Brew (1050 Ml)


If you want to gift a coffee enthusiast something special, their Gift Hamper is a great option!