Make Your Dull Day Colourful With Clothes Starting At Only INR 500 From This Store

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When we talk about fashion and trends, Colaba is the first name that usually comes to our minds and Purple Line, the store stood out for us. Having stood strong for more than 10 years now, the store caters to both men and women. We decided to check out what it had to offer.

What Makes It Awesome

Located opposite the Theobroma outlet near the petrol pump in Colaba, this colorful store is very inviting and has a lot to offer. They house a huge collection of Indian kurtas, kaftans, and jeans for women. You will find these in all colors and sizes, and these clothes are sure to brighten up a dull day {if you are having one}. We also found dressy kurtis that could be worn as frock dresses or just paired with straight cut pants and heels- the perfect outfit for your Sunday brunch.

Arranged in lines, the clothes with their hues could cloud your judgement, just with the sheer riot of colours on display. Their collection starts at just INR 500.

For men, there are t-shirts for every day of the week, and the color palette is a treat to the eyes. They also have jeans in all sizes for men. If you want to give the jeans a rest considering how hot it gets, check out their collection of shorts and cargos.


If you're looking at a break from street-shopping and want to score street-style comfy clothing, Purple Line is your best bet!


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